Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to lead the industry in production, safety and reliability. We are a woman owned company and we embrace the title of "THE Hydro-Excavation EXPERTS!". We have earned it with over a decade of experience. No one does it better than PDI. We will continue to take pride in our safety record and our production rates. But most of all, we take pride in our work and the customer satisfaction that we build with each day.

Our Solution

Hydro excavation is a solution to many excavation problems. We offer experienced managers, crew members and the best equipment to provide those solutions to you. PDI will show you the most efficient ways to use our services in an effort to speed up your projects and save money.

By exposing potential hazards quickly and efficiently, your projects can maintain a normal schedule and remain within budget.  

Our Services

We offer many different services from pot holing and slot trenching to debris removal and culvert & sewer cleaning.  Frozen ground, not a problem for us!

Our fleet of hydrovacs are powerful machines that are capable of being used in a variety of situations. We now also offer air excavation in addition to our hydro services.

Give us a call to learn more!

What is Daylighting

Daylighting is the term used for uncovering and exposing underground utilities to daylight. PDI uses a non-destructive method of excavating known as hydro excavating or ‘soft dig’. 
Precision Daylighting’s hydrovac services utilize pressurized water and a powerful vacuum system to excavate, pothole and efficiently and safely expose buried utilities. The water is delivered through a handheld wand to cut through soil, which is simultaneously removed by the vacuum and stored in an on board debris tank. Our hydrovac trucks are equipped with an on board boiler that allows the water used to be heated in frozen ground applications. This allows PDI to be as efficient in frozen conditions as we are in other seasons of the year.
Mechanical excavators present a danger of damaging buried utility infrastructure. Hydro excavation is designed to eliminate damage and work more efficiently in congested areas.