What is Daylighting?


Daylighting is the term used for uncovering and exposing underground utilities to daylight. PDI uses a non-destructive method of excavating known as hydro excavating or ‘soft dig’. Soft dig is More ...


Who Benefits?

Contractors, engineers, the utility sector, municipalities, oil and gas pipeline related-sectors, More ...


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Precision Daylighting Inc. (PDI)

Precision Daylighting Inc. (PDI) is a Hydrovac Service Company that specializes in safe and efficient excavating, also known as ‘soft dig’. PDI is your partner in safely uncovering today’s buried network of pipes and cables that carry your communities daily needs from volatile liquids, gases, communication lines, storm drains and sanitary sewer lines.

Everyday there are more services added to this critical buried infrastructure. PDI uses non-destructive hydro excavation to safely expose both known and unknown service lines in a responsible and efficient method.

Utility strikes are costly to all involved and potentially fatal. Common utility locates give an idea of what lies underground but are rarely accurate enough to be counted on when so much is at stake. PDI can quickly, safely and efficiently expose the underground network so that work can be completed on time, on budget and without risk to employees and communities. Everyday your community works, plays and sleeps above this buried network of utilities. PDI provides our customers insurance that they will not be responsible for damage to this valuable infrastructure.

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